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At Calibunga, we have scoured the city of Los Angeles to track down awesome activities that both educate and entertain. If you are looking for something fun and totally unique to try this weekend, jump in on one of our many group activities led by certified California Naturalists.  


With a guided adventures, there is no need to apply for permits, research routes, map out directions to the trailhead, or worry about getting lost. Let our professionals lead you, along with 8 other adventurers on a safe and educational journey.

These cultivated experiences safely bring people together while orginizing an awesome day in Los Angeles. 

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Private  Guide

Hire a professional guide to lead your private group through any Los Angeles Trail. Not sure where to hike? Call today for recommendations. 

Old Zoo

Disaster Tour


7:00 PM


The original Los Angeles zoo, located in Griffith Park, was so bizarrely mismanaged it soon became known as one of the biggest mistakes in the cities history. 

On this 1 hour tour, hear some hard-to-believe stories about the wildly disastrous trials and mistakes while exploring the zoo's old relics. 

Los Angeles

 The Hollywood Sign - Panaramic Views Of Hollywood

Hollywood Sign

Group Hike




Experience the closest possible view of The Hollywood Sign and learn a complete history of Griffith Park on this easy 4.3 mile hike. 

Malibu Coastal

Group Hike

9:00 AM


Journey with a group of up to 9 hikers on this 3.2 mile coastal excursion and learn about Malibu's history and ecosystem. 

Hikers High Five

Connecting People


Connecting To Nature

An excellent way to meet people who share the spirit of adventure

“It wasn't just a hike. It was like reliving a day at summer camp... But as an adult.”

Nick Brewer

If you are looking for a really amazing experienc or something to do with your family on vacation in los angeles county in california you can take them on one of calibunga surf lessons or calibunga guided adventures guided hikes. You will learn all about the rich history of los angeles county. Everything from the Griffith Park Observatory to the abandoned Los Angeles Zoo. Our professional hiking guides will lead you through the most amazing LA hills and trails walking you through nature and wild animals as well as beautiful southern california gardens. These hikes are safe and secure hosted by professional instructors and seasoned professionsals. 

There are so many reasons you should choose a professional. We could even give you the top ten resons you should choose a guided hike in los angeles as well as the top ten best hikes in los angeles california. Its no wonder why Calibunga Guided Hikes make this the best place to hike in all of LA county. You will see runion canyon, malibu canyon, fryman canyon with all of the best look out spots (Lookout spots) in suthern california and the greatest spots to stop and take a selfie or catch a photo of the hollywood sign #Hollywoodsign  making this one of the fun places to go in hollywood california. If you are traveling from europe, china, or south america, you can catch a nature hike with us and a tour guide from the nearby hollywood hotels. Even a trip to Disneyland california and its delayed reopening can be made funner with a guided hike with a california certified naturalist in one of Californias state parks. Experience camping, white water rafting, surf lessons, bungee jumping, drive in movie theaters and other covid 19 safe activities. Let adventure be your guide. You will have a remarkable time if you would only let adventure be your guide on one of our professional guided hikes and tours of los angeles. This is by FAR the best tours in los angeles. We have star tours, the wax museum, the tour of beverly hills, rodeo drive, mullhulland drive, the hollywood sign and many other tours that are the funnest tour spots in the city. 

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Calibunga Guided Hikes Are About Meeting New People Who Share The Same Spirit Of Adventure. 


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Surf Lesson

Looking for more adventures in Southern California? Take a surf lesson with a professional instructor at five of Los Angeles's most beautiful beaches. Group lessons are available for all ages. 

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