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Why Hire A Guide?

Not only do our guided adventure hikes offer an intense exploration of the Los Angeles Mountianscapes, led by personable and knowledgeable Certified California Naturalists but, our guided hikes are the most exciting and unique way to experience the Hollywood Sign as well as some of Los Angeles' most beautiful landmarks.


Along the way, guides will dispense local knowledge and stories. You will see noted flora and fauna that can easily go unnoticed if you don’t know where to look while you are trying to follow a trail for the first time on your own. You can often expect off-trail adventures with guides who know secret spots and side trips that do not find their way into guidebooks. Guides will take care of any and all food preparation. Fruit, trails snacks, and plenty of liquid refreshment are always a part of the guided hike.

The biggest benefit of a guided hike is safety. Guides will keep you from over-stepping your capabilities in unfamiliar terrain. There is no worrying about getting lost, injured, or missing out on the best views. Should anything unexpected arise on a guided hike, you are supported on the trail and off.

A guide cannot do everything. You still have to do the walking yourself, but, those steps go by a lot easier when all the details of the trip are checked off and accounted for.

Meet Our Staff

All guided hiking staff are current certified California Naturalists with the IGIS and California Naturalist Association. 


Will Huse

Adventure Guide

Will Huse is a certified California Naturalist and outdoorsman who has over 8 years of experience enjoying and educating within the Los Angeles area. Many of our guided hikes and historical tour's curriculum are developed by Will. In Will's free time he writes music and performs with his Ukelele around Los Angeles. 


Blaire Strong

Adventure Guide

Blaire Strong is a Certified California Naturalist and a Los Angeles native. Having grown up in the Santa Monica Mountain Ranges, Blaire is an expert on the must-see vantage points tucked away amongst LA county's hiking trails. 


Lucas Coleman

Adventure Quordinator

A California native and extreme sports enthusiast, Lucas is responsible for making sure all sceduling, hiking, invoicing, and rendezvous go off without a hitch.