Are the guided hikes challenging?

The short answer... Yes they are. These hikes are much more than a simple strole through the park. They are challenging but so much fun! You are being led through intermediate/advanced terrain by a California Naturalist Guide. Although there is no climbing or obsticles in the path, the hikes do span for several miles, often on inclines, and feature uneven surfaces.

What should I bring to my hike?

Although water and trail snacks are provided, we highly suggest you bring drinking water, sunscreen, light and breathable workout attire, a hat for sun protection, and sunglasses. Camelbacks (backpacks that contain a water supply) are a great assesory for these adventures.

Do you offer PRIVATE guided hikes?

Absolutly. We offer hikes for private groups of up to nine people.

What happens if I need to leave a hike early?

Because these are group hikes, should you have to leave early, the instructor will provide you with an exit stategy but will not be able to accompany you back to the trailhead.

Where do the hikes end?

All available guided hikes are either "out and back" or "loop" trails, meaning they will end in the same location that they begin.

Can I add a hiker to my reservation?

Yes. The appointments are first come first serve. They can sign up online or give us a call to be added to the adventure.


All hikes are led through the California Wilderness and snakes are often encountered (although most are non-venomous). All Calibunga Guides are trained and certified in snake identification. At Calibunga, your safety is our top priority and all necessary steps will be taken should a hiker get bitten.